Countdown to your health!

As you make your New Year’s Eve plans, maybe start thinking about your New Year’s Day plans too. New year = a new you = no more smelly breath / clothes, cigarette bills, or airing out your car before non-smokers get in. Because you’ll be on your way to being a non-smoker too! You can […]

Three Reasons to Quit Smoking Now

You may have thought about quitting in the past – you may have even tried to kick the habit already. Or, maybe you think about quitting sometime in the future, when the time is ‘right.’ Here are three reasons why the time is Now: Quitting now increases the health benefits that you gain from being […]

So, why StopMySmoking?

A lot of quitting aids are already out there, so why did we decide to develop StopMySmoking, a text messaging-based quit program? Well, for one thing: many quitting aids out there are not exactly user friendly. Some are expensive, others are disruptive – especially with your social life, and then there are the ones that […]

The launch of

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the launch of StopMySmoking! Whatever stage you are in along the smoking cessation process, keep bookmarked in your web browser as a resource you can return to whenever you need. Be sure to check back to this blog, as we’ll be regularly updating—not just about […]