You won’t find these features anywhere else.

StopMySmoking.com is the first quit smoking program of its kind. Many of these features are not available in any other quit smoking program. We have developed a lot of great features specifically designed to give you the tools and support quit smoking. These Features include:

You are in Control

We understand your life is busy, and that’s why Stop My Smoking works with your schedule. You decide the times when texts are sent, so you won’t get messages when they might be disruptive.

24/7 Crave Support

Cravings are an inevitable part of the quitting process and unfortunately can happen when you least expect it. That’s why you’ll have access to Text Crave; instant on-demand help to get you through cravings in any moment.

Quit Buddy Support

Text Buddies improve the likelihood of quitting, research suggests. If you want to, you can be paired with someone else in the program who is also quitting, and text your Buddy up to 10 messages per day for questions, advice, and support. You don’t have to quit alone!

Track Your Progress

How much money will you save when you are no longer buying cigarettes? Not only can you calculate how many extra dollars you’ll have to spend on other things, but you can also track your progress and more with your personalized Quit Center.