How long is the program?

The length of the program is up to you. For most people, the program is about 6 weeks long. We know that quitting can be tough. Not everyone gets it on the first try, so we also have messages to help those who have slipped off track, but want to get back on track to quitting.

There are three main parts:

  • Pre-Quit: to help you get ready for a smoke-free you;
  • Early Quit: to help you get through the day-to-day challenge of being smoke-free the first couple of days after you Quit Day
  • Late Quit: to help you learn to be non-smoker and to stay that way.

Fitness and sleep can help you stay quit. You will also have the option of adding 2 weeks of messages about how to improve both of these.

And, if it turns out that you’re not quite ready to quit, you can stop the messages at any time.

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