How Does It Work?

Personalized quitting advice is sent directly to your phone via text messages.

As you quit smoking, your mind and body go through several different phases. Each day, you will receive messages that are scientifically matched to what your mind and body are going through, to give you useful information and advice while you are quitting.

You will receive motivating, supportive, and encouraging messages every day.

We know how hard it is to quit. We will help you quit and send motivating, supportive and encouraging messages to you every day as part of the stopmysmoking program.

We’re here for you 24/7. Send us a text (at any time)

In-the-moment support texts will help to keep you smoke free when you’re struggling. You can text StopMySmoking at any time day or night if you are having cravings or struggling to stay quit, and we will respond via text.

Social Support is Important.

Thats why we developed a buddy system. You have the option of being paired with a buddy who is also quitting. This is a real live person, just like you, who is also quitting smoking. You can text your buddyInteractive conversations with your text buddy

Tracking and monitoring your progress online.

Monitor your progress and Calculate how much money you have saved by not smoking and more in your personalized Quit Center


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