“I didn’t expect it to work; like I said, I’d quit LOTS of times,” Geoffrey Walton’s experience

This guest post is courtesy of Quora contributor, Geoffrey Walton, Single father of two amazing sons, with his answer to the question:

How did you quit smoking?

By accident. I was driving to work, smoking my second or third cigarette of the day, when a PSA for the “Great American Smoke-Out” came onto the radio.

SMS blog 15 07 07 pixabay splitshireRemember listening to FM RADIO in the car? But I digress.

I noticed the date for the Smoke-Out was my birthday, and immediately thought it pathetic that so many people needed a national event to quit smoking. I’d quit on my own lots of times. As soon as I got to work I checked whether my insurance covered Nicorette gum, then called my doctor’s office to request a prescription.

I didn’t expect it to work; like I said, I’d quit LOTS of times.

I smoked my last cigarette walking into the pharmacy at lunch, that day, to pick-up my gum. The pharmacist warned me to read and follow the directions, as the gum was highly addictive (Oh GREAT!), then told me 52 refills were authorized (Even BETTER!).

In the following week, my gum consumption dropped a few pieces each day. The gum was disgusting, but I wasn’t craving nicotine. I discovered my car started without pushing in the lighter. I was amazed that I could converse without a smoke – even if the other person was smoking. I didn’t need a cigarette, as counterbalance, to drink a cup of coffee.

At the end of the week I was chewing two pieces of gum per day. I decided I could continue at that rate forever, or I could just quit. So I did. All my friends – especially the smokers – warned me my victory might be short-lived.

Last week it was 26 years, so I think i have it licked. I do admit, however that there are still times a smoke “smells” like a good idea, when someone lights-up and I think, “Just one wouldn’t hurt.” What a stupid thought.


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