YouTube: a great distraction

It can sometimes feel like cravings come out of nowhere. That’s why it’s useful to have lots of different strategies to keep yourself smoke-free. If you’re looking for something to add to your arsenal of coping strategies, we’ve put together a couple YouTube playlists of past and current anti-smoking commercials. We think they’re fun to watch. You can easily spend 20 minutes viewing them – which is way longer than the typical craving for a cigarette. Give it a try.

If you feel like you’ve heard over and over again how bad smoking is for your health and you’re ready for something new, this playlist might be for you. These commercials are sponsored by the American Legacy Foundation and other groups and take a creative spin on anti-smoking messages.

If fear is your best motivator, these graphic videos are for you. These commercials are sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and other health organizations and illustrate the serious consequences of smoking.


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